Making more people aware of this site.

Hey guys, I was wondering is there anyway i could let more people know about this site? I know theres lots of other people out there who like yoyos as much as we do and i think they should know about this great site and community. Is there anyway i could let them know about it? ???

At other yoyo sites/forums, it is rude to advertise diffrent sites on that forum, what about a diffrent way, like youtube, and stuff like that,
You could even do it at the next meet :wink:

yea we need to get some one to make a vid for YYE. but who will make it? I’ll talk to André about it.

I’m extremely good at video making/editing, so I’m up for it! All I’ll need is some good and clear footage to stick in the video.

-Mitchell Purdy

A video sounds great. Mitchell, if you can make one that wouold be great!

I’m currently talking to Andre about it.


Even though this is a good thread. It’s been so long ago that it needs locked. This site has more publicity than any other forum now.