Check out this Web site


hey check out this website


Anyone think its cool?


Already signed up to the forum.
People pleas help me promote the site. Then I can become a moderator


anyone else think its cool?

(yoyo mo-tu) #5

hey brendan


Wow. You stole YoYoExpert’s rules exactly and almost completely copied their forum layout. I really don’t get why you are PMing everyone to join when they aren’t on the team. Also, in your rules, in says you have to use your best grammar/spelling/punctuation, when you misspell stuff all other the site.


hey! don’t pick on him, from my personal expierience it is hard to create a website,
He is trying his best.


I’m not picking on him, I’m just saying he could be a little more creative to make his forum unique. But seriously, I received 4 messages asking me to join. I’ve made sites too, I know how hard they are.


i really thank ill stick to yoyoexpert. its cool though.

(Connor) #10

same here, sorry.


cool website, but I hope you will have more videos, here is a cool video that you should check out.


Same, even though my main forum is YoYoNaion :slight_smile:

But I will join anyway. How long is it until we can submit our videos for the contest?

Also, am I good enough to be on your team? Check out my videos here:

Dont watch Randomness, that was a while ago, but no sunlight and four winds are newer stuff.


how would one get on your yoyo team?


Awesome, another yoyo website.


initially all forum rules almost are the same exept for some, i’m on another forum and this one and the other one i’m on the rules are almost exactly the same.


Not to sound snotty, but I dont really wish to be on your team anymore :-\