Please check out my first yo-yo website!

Hi my name is Jordan. I recently made my own website that I made 100% on my own and was hoping that some of the users here would maybe like to check it out. It would mean a lot to me because I want to see what other people think about my website. And if you want to you can even sign up for my forum! Anyway, anyone who might want to check it out would be awesome!! Thanks a bunch!!!

sure no prob!

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Shouldn’t this be in unrelated?

Anyways, nicely done. Clean and simple.

But may I ask the purpose if we have forums here?

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Well, just because I have always wanted to make a website of my own but I never really knew what to make it about. But I still hope that some people will want to use mine to! Also I just want to let people I know get to use my forums!! Thanks a bunch!

I’ve already got two members on my forums!! Looking for some more awesome peoples!!!

This thread might get closed. I am unsure if we are allowed to discuss other forums. Any way good luck And good job! I tried to design a website and eventually gave up.

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Got another member!!!

Nice design and I love the colors!

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I am proud to be your fifth member. I think I’ll like it here.

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BUMP!!! Already have five members!!! Thanks to everyone who has signed up or at least checked it out so far!!!

I have 2 questions. Do i have to share my location and the years only go up to 1999 and i was born in 2000.

Another member!! Things are going well so far!!! Thanks to anyone who has joined or checked it out!!

Bump! Going well so far!

That website actually looks pretty impressive. Was everything coded by you?

Well, kinda, I guess! I just thought that I could try to make a website so I did!! I really hope you like it! You should join!! It would be awesome if you did!

What can your forum offer that YYE forums can’t? Give me a sales pitch :wink: ;D

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Well I just made this website to give people a chance to let people know about there yo-yo life and what yo-yo’s they like and tricks and stuff. I know that yoyoexpert is much better, but I thought that it would be fun to let people try out a different forum but not take them away from yoyoexpert. Also I just want people to be able to post what they like and other cool stuff!

Got yet another awesome member!! Things are going pretty well!! Thanks to everyone who joined or has checked it out!!!

Just joined!

I know thanks so much!! You are my tenth member!! Tell me what you think if you want to!!