Yoyo website

So I was wanting to make my own yoyo website.I intend to have a good looking website that can sell yoyos,gives news updates,has forums and gives other information.I was wondering if you could fill me in on how to make it and what to use to do so.any info would be very helpful.Thanks!

I think learning “Java Script” is step one.

This is half true. There are many ways to make a website, Javascript(one word ;)) being just one of them. You can use a website builder like Yola, Wix, or Host Gator to make your website with no coding experience. But if I where you, I’d learn a language like HTML and get a basic understanding of how coding/web hosting/computers in general work.

I’m currently working on a website to help with my 3d modeling sales, so if you need any help feel free to send me a PM.


I agree with Joey that you should probably consider learning even just the basics of HTML so that you have a bit more freedom in website creation, but for your purposes, you might not need to know any coding languages at all. I use Weebly. It is a website creator with a very user-friendly interface (pretty much everything is just drag-and-drop) and immense power and customizability. It has design templates to get you started, while also giving you full HTML and CSS editors to do virtually anything you want to do.

My bad. (I know just enough about this stuff to make me look silly. :D)

www.webs.com. Its the bomb. check out www.randomstuffnes.webs.com. thats my website that I made a bit ago. Its completely free for a basic website, and you have to pay some to get some.

I tried to make a yo-yo site, and i tryed most of the sites yall are talking about. But the better i made my site the more it looked like this one. So finaly i said screw it, this is the perfect web site, why do we need another??? :wink:


Webs is widely know as the worst website builder to those who actually know what their doing.

Oh…I was pleased with mine, thinking at the time I was in 4th grade and had absoluetly no money at all.

I dont have enough money to pay monthly.Can I make a website with Microsoft office word.

Being somewhat in the web industry as I’m a multimedia major. I do web stuff at my work all the time with their website and creating email advertisements for the company. I mainly know HTML, familiar with CSS and how to upload stuff to the webhost, optimizing images for web, and how all of that stuff works. What I don’t know is how to actually set up a store.

One thing to set you in the right direction is if you want to create a site that has your own tutorials and stuff like that. Once your site has grown you can probably add the store feature (and once you figure out the whole storefront thing). I use Adobe Dreamweaver but you can technically make a website using Notepad…but it’s all pure coding, no nice design interface to work with.

I do currently have my own website to showcase my artwork, animation, and video projects I’ve worked on: www.danjouart.com if anyone cares to check it out. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to shooting some tutorials (done up nicely and all) and have some stuff on there.

Oh you mean like the other 15-20 websites that already offer that service ?
There are literally a multitude of sites that offer yoyo tips news tutorials and even sell you yoyos, do you have something that is going to make you stand out from that crowd ?
Just trying to inject a little realism here. Your profile tells me you are 12.
Nothing wrong with ambition, but lets be realistic here,coming on a forum and saying I have zero experience and I want to set up a yoyo forum with a store that sells yoyos is almost laughable.
You wont make any money, heck you probably wont even have any fun, coding is NOT FUN unless it is what you love to do, and seeing as your 12 and have no experience in it, Id say its not a love of yours.
Good luck.

Some guys dream about being sponsored, others dream about on-line stores with a forum.
Sometimes both happen. :wink:


there’s MUCH more to it than you think, the website is only a tiny part of it. it took me years to learn it by myself, many people go to school to learn all the stuff but even then, there’s a LOT you got to learn on your own because it evolves so fast.

Doing a website is easy, even if you don’t know html or java, you can do a very nice website. But once you’ll actually be ready to do it, you’ll probably know some of the tech stuff anyway.

My point is: if you have to ask, you’re not even close to be ready to do it.

I’m not telling you not to do it, by all means, follow your dreams and if you’re smart enough, you could even be successful.

but don’t fool yourself, it’s a full time job if you want to do it right. And unless you’re a genius or full of cash, it’s not gonna be easy to get people to visit your website.

have you checked the competition yet ? all these HUGE yoyo websites (like the one we’re on right now), this is professional work, most likely full time, often done by a group of people rather than one individual, no matter how talented he or she is.

having an idea is something good, actually making it happen is another story. I’m on the same path as you are, I’ve been working on it since I started throwing last year, just felt like I had to do it.

But I have previous experience in this, I also have learned how to actually get traffic to my website, it cost me my dayjob because I couldn’t find the time to do both and had to choose (some would say “wrong choice”). now I’m using stuff I took years to discover and learn.

But at the beginning, I was just having “an idea” and went for it, failed many times, I don’t even know if this time it’ll succeed.

Do you have the patience and passion to go through this? are you ready to fail? can you get back up afterwards and keep going? restart from scratch everytime, after you invested countless hours, serious money, dedication, health, lost friends or closer ones, can you handle it?

there’s only one way to find out, only, be prepared, know what you’re up against and ask yourself if you’re ready, willing and able to do at least as good if not better than your competition.

go for it, but don’t think it’s gonna be a hobby as it’ll eat a serious chunk of your free time and you’ll likely (just as much as I am today) to fail.

be realistic, follow your dreams, but this is real life, and if you want a dream to come true, there’s a lot of things you have to take control of, in order to make it happen. As well as other stuff you can’t control.

is it worth it? definitely, it’ll make you a new person, better or worse, probably a little bit of both.

if you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t understand margins and profits and just think companies “just wanna make money”, stop right there, this is how it works and you’ll have to understand why, accept it.
play by the rules, once you “go pro”, don’t fool yourself, if you want to make it, you have to think about profit, I’m not saying I like the rules and you should like them too, by all means, stay true to yourself, but if you wanna play the game, you’ll have to play by the rules.

you’re also gonna need a network, people who can help you out and who you can help in return. Go to places, events, meets, meet the “who’s who” of yoyoing, talk about your project, share some of your ideas, listen to suggestions…

then again, be ready to do all this, spend countless amounts of time, money, dedication, and be ready to lose it all in the blink of an eye, months, years of work can go out the window just like that. you have to be ready for it, able to get back up and move on to maybe something else, maybe leave all behind, there are some things you can’t fix.

so if you feel ready, go for it
if you’re 12, maybe just do a blog, post vids and news, get a free wordpress, write every now and then and see where it leads you later down the road.

I just so happen to be wanting to learn coding besides thats what learning is for.

If you have no money, it’s not going to happen. There’s realy just no way.

If you are only interested in making a website because you think it sound like a cool idea, don’t. If, however, you are actually interested in learning and are prepared to actually put some effort into it, there is a wealth of knowledge to be had. First off, don’t waste your money on Dreamweaver or your time dealing with Microsoft’s default Notepad/Wordpad. I highly suggest downloading and using Jedit or Notepad++. Both are free, open source programs so you won’t have to pay a cent and they both have all sorts of useful features like syntax highlighting.

First, you will need to learn the basics of HTML. Everything else will be useless without it. CSS will be the next thing you should learn. HTML was never intended to be used for styling. HTML says, “This is my content.,” whereas CSS says, “This is what my content should look like.” XHTML, while not necessary, is a stricter set of guidelines for HTML. You don’t have to learn it, but after you have a solid grasp of HTML it is super easy to learn and is useful for optimization. Javascript allows for all sorts of fancy browser-side scripting including dynamic pages. It is not a must, but you will want to know it for creating a webstore.

Why learn all of that instead of just using some template? You may find that you enjoy it, especially if you want to learn how all of this works. Templates are often very bloated and as such will load slowly and have other ill effects on your website. It has been demonstrated that optimization keeps visitors on your website longer. You won’t be able to optimize if you don’t know what any of the code does. Lastly, templates tell your users that you don’t care about their experience.

Thanks that was realy helpful!

Yes notepad++ is a good all around editor with a lot of useful features.