New stuff to my site!

So, I’ve ecided that a forum that no one posts in and some other stuff isn’t a real site. I’m now doing updates on what’s new to the yoyoing comunity, and reviews. Stay updated and join!

Heres a tip for the reviews.

On the reviews page, Don’t put the reviews there like that. Put a link to a hidden part of the website for the review. This will organize it.

So basically, you put the review in a different page, not visible to the navigation bar, then put a link on the reviews page to it.

Here is an example, look at the videos section of my website.

Note how from one video section, it splits into 2 sections, and splits into all the separate tutorials.

To make it easier for you, start working on the section only when you have around 3 reviews.

You don’t have to do this, I just think its more organized, and will make it nicer to view your website.

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How’s it now?

Ahh! I saw your attempt! Make sure you publish the page before adding it there.

Make sure you publish the page, and link it to the published page, not the unfinished draft.

And also, don’t put it like that, its even less organized. Put it like this:

<a href="">Hectic Review</a>
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Is it good now?

Yeah I guess its better, but what about you do this.

It will look like this:
YoYoFactory Hectic-YoYosElement review

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It won’t let me do it.  >:(

Anyway, THANK YOU for the big help. any more constructive critisicim is welcome.

I’m not sure if you tried this already, but this is how you should do it:

Way 1: Manually adding HTML:

Way 2: Doing it with friendly User Interface:

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Thank you so much rsmod123, you’ve really been a great help.

lol sorry I have to say one more thing, put a space before and after the dash.


I just feel there is a difference in the organization of the thing ;D

I’m looking forward to your next reviews :slight_smile:

If I do space it, the link will show up to this:

I’ll try though.

Never mind, it worked.

No, it wont. It will only link to the link you put in the .

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Honestly, if you really want to make a professional site, you should at least learn (X)HTML and CSS. Javascript, PHP, and some other stuff I’m no good at would also help, but HTML and CSS would be the basis of it all. That way, you would be able to actually design your own website and in turn, have more control over everything. It would look a lot better than using some design that Freewebs/Webs gives you. You would also be able to fix a problem if one was to occur.

For designing, you might also want to get a good graphics editing program. Apparently rsmod stands by Paint.NET, which I haven’t tried, but that could work. Also GIMP is a free program very similar to Photoshop.

Personally, I would also find another web host, but you don’t have to. There are a lot of better hosts out there that don’t even put ads on your site, so I think it would be better.

In the sense of content, you need to offer something that other sites don’t already offer if you want more traffic. We wouldn’t go to your site if another already established site offers the same thing, so you need something unique. What exactly? I don’t know, but something. Also, you need something else on your homepage.

Doing all of this will take a lot work and dedication, but if you can get yourself to do this, then I’ll know that this is actually a website that may be worth going to. I’ll know that you’re in this for the long run and you are actually determined enough to make a professional website. It’s hard, though, so feel free to disregard everything I said and stick to your little ol’ website.

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Well said Kim.

I’m not really trying to build the most popular yoyo site on the web. (It would never happen anyways) But I’m trying to make one more site, not too profesional, but a simple site. Before this my site had almost nothing, and was just sitting there. I would like it to be a bit more popular than that, but I am not trying to compete with other websites.