YoYoBulgaria Presents Efreet Promo - Fire YoYo Prototype 4

Four months of hard work led to this video. Please check it out and share your thoughts.
Any questions? Post them here or in the email/skype given in the description.

PS: Sorry for the bad quality… youtube has messed it up. Will see how the vimeo version works.

Check your PMs!

Are these for sale?


Thanks :slight_smile: Any other suggestions/comments?


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Tutorial? Seems like a cool concept. Should sell a kit. Is it a hubstacked yoyo?

Yes, because flaming hubstacks would be such a good idea…

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Sure why not? Just don’t grab them, obviously…

his is a far better idea than the old school fire yoyos that someone made back in 2008. They lit the entire thing on fire with a wick hidden under a cap and just used kevlar strings. I’d think this one wouldn’t have as much of an issue with the burning strings due to the design.

If you can’t grab them while on fire then what’s the point…
I suppose if the yo-yo isn’t lit then it’s okay to add the stacks, but otherwise it’s a terrible idea…

Oh I think you misunderstood. My original questions about the hubstacks was just me wondering if maybe that was part of the design as the stacks seem like they’d be an easier way to attach the wick. Had nothing to do with the actual hubstacks or any function they normally provide.

Thank you for your comments. I will try to answer every question I see here.

What kind of tutorial would you like me to post? If we end up making these (I hope that there is some interest in the product so that we can start) I will post a full explanation tutorial on how to setup your yoyo. The nice flame you see is because of on the spot experiment with the wicks. The yoyo still needs a bit of work - but not too much. We now have a working prototype. Something everyone had their doubts about.

The final package of the yoyo will include a lot of things… Kevlar for the wicks, light gloves, yoyo, “stacks” (which are something else, see below), maybe a small syringe to put fuel easily, stickers and so on in a very fancy box :slight_smile: I wanted to include some fuel in a small tube but due to regulations that will not be possible. Will tell you what fuel to get though that works best (lots of testing to find the right one).

We had a real problem with the “stacks”, the flame would just die once you throw the yoyo. So we tried to introduce a real stack system with a bearing to keep the middle part steady (if it doesn’t spin so much then probably the flame wouldn’t die). This ended up failing miserably since the small bearing literary popped under the heat from the first throw. On the second try it made a small explosion and the whole stack fell on to the ground :smiley: Funny times. :smiley: We now have something far superior which I will just call “shields”. The shields protect the yoyo from the heat and also keep the flame burning nicely, keeping wind out of the center and allowing the fire not to die out.

If you meant “stacks” as just attaching something to the sides - this is what we do but in a very different way from what YYF introduced (no bearing and a different system overall). The good thing is that they are detachable which turns your yoyo into an amazing high quality yoyo to play around with. My favourite player at the moment is exactly the efreet lite (no fire system). Ali 7075 big and heavy yoyo is what makes it a true beast - spins forever, nothing happens on impact with the ground, perfect balance, no wobble etc. This will be available at a very very low price!

Thank you for the nice comment! You are correct - no special string needed. We used Kitty neon yellow in the clip.
This is what the whole idea is about - a fire yoyo that would require no special thick gloves, no special string and you would be able to make all of your tricks as usual (unlike older models where the yoyo was responsive or was not spinning long enough).

Will be happy to answer more questions :slight_smile: Please share the video, so that the interest in it increases and we can go with production as quickly as possible.

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Very interesting indeed. Just make sure you post a massive disclaimer to cover yourselves for when someone inevitably ends up setting themselves on fire.


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Lol, yeah it’s cool. I thought you were meaning to actually use them in mid-flame :smiley:

I can’t stop laughing xD

New contest division - Flambé.

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I just got it now :D:D:D:D Quite funny.

Last up!

I am laughing like an idiot while my colleagues around me wonder what’s so funny.

Thing is, they just won’t get it. :wink:

Gambit, that is some funny stuff.

“DAT FINGERSPIN THO” is going to be cracking me up all day.

Doesn’t look like hubstacks. At the end you can kind of see a wick.