Dear YoYo enthusiasts,

We present to you the first prototype of the fire yoyo! Three more prototypes have been created and we are getting closer to the final product. The idea is to create a yoyo that will be lit on fire, but will not burn your hands or the string. You should be able to play with it without thick gloves (or none at all) and without special kevlar strings. This would ensure that you make all of your tricks as you would normally do.

Please let us know what you think in the comments. Any questions? - don’t hesitate to ask.

NOTE: I did not catch the yoyo at the end (I am still a bit afraid :smiley: ) but it was not hot… just a little warm.


Ha! That’s pretty entertaining. Well done.

That looks awesome.

Please read my PM I need one now!

I never get tired of watching videos of people messing with fire yoyos. There was one decent one for sale a few years back. I was working with Custom on Fire Loopers a LONG time ago (still have protos, didn’t work well).

Nice !!!

Email sent to Mr Brown.
I would love to hear more opinions :slight_smile:


Please make this happen.
I will love you forever and day

They used to have this on infinite illusions site (can’t name here). I’ll see if its still sold.

Where can I buy one??

So awesome!!! :slight_smile:

When will these become available

Thought this was going to be one of those old kerosene cups type things. It looks like a wick but I dont want one I NEED one

As Steve pointed out these have been done quite a lot over the years… there was even a production run of them.

I even developed one about the same time that the fire spintop was done (05?)… but I didn’t want the potential liability of selling it. They aren’t all that complicated, and the one that ended up being sold a few years later worked pretty well.

But hey, fire is fun, good luck :slight_smile:


I think if its sold saying the seller has no responsibility for injuries then no worries

These are still in prototype stage. Could be a couple of months since we don’t have a finished product yet.

Thanks Kyle.
The ones that were sold, I believe were responsive and you had to use gloves and kevlar string. Our idea is a bit different. We are aiming to make an unresponsive yoyo, which shouldn’t heat up (can be used without gloves or kevlar string), so that you can make all of your tricks as you would normally do. This would make it a lot easier and cheaper to use, since the kevlar strings I heard only lasted for about 10 throws.

Liability wise… It will be made in Europe and my country doesn’t pay attention to stuff like that, so I do hope there will be no problems :slight_smile:

Say goodbye to glow in the dark yoyos.
And say hello to yoyos on fire.