Fire Yoyos!



Try soaking cotton string in water. Or kevlar thread is fairly fireproof.

Yeah I need to find some fire proof string lol. None of us had kevlar string though, even that I feel would burn pretty fast anyway.

Fire retardant material for stunts and racecar drivers…

It isn’t embedded, either that or I can’t view it on my ipod

Dudes, you are having more fun than it is fun to watch.

My Ex bought me a Fire Yo-yo (the official one with carbon flakes in the bearing, and Kevlar strings to spare) for an anniversary. I have still not used it, even though I have a roommate that can breathe fire ONTO the solvent-soaked yo-yo.

It still looks like it is more fun to DO than it is to watch. I will take that as motivation to try out this long-stored yo-yo in my collection.