Yoyo wounds


So today I get my clyw chief in the mail and after an hour if playing with it there was a knot I didn’t know about so I throw it and it comes back up and smacks my forehead and woe had to go to the ER and get it stitched has anything like this happened to u




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Anyway, on time there was a knot from a bind and of course; I didn’t know it. So when I threw it, it pronto came back up and hit my funny bone!

Another bind knot instance:
I had the knot so wen it came back up it hit right at the tip of my pointer finger! Bruising it. And if you’ve ever had a bruised finger, you know how terrible it is :’(

That’s pretty much the only injuries I’ve had from yoyoing. I’ve gotten hit, but no other injuries.(unless you count blisters)


I got a nasty blood blister from popping a GT out of the wrong side and it smacked my index finger.


Wow I was just thinking about this the other day making a post like this.

Bind knot: with the dark magic 2 metal weight ring to my left ring finger bruises and couldn’t even bend it for like a day.

Bind knot: with legacy 2 come back smacks me in my bottom lip girl friend is like are you ok just throw the yoyo on the recliner and walk away she brought me ice lol so sweet :slight_smile:


I was showing some people on the street tricks and I got a knot threw it and came back hit me in the head not that bad but still got cut and the humiliation was worse.


I got a black eye from trying advance part 2 back when I was in beginner with an unresponsive One.


Once I had a knot on my metal drifter when I was learning unresponsive play, and I threw that thing as hard as I could and it came around and hit me in the crotch. It makes me cringe just thinking about it…


Knots around the bearing are the scariest think in yo-yoing. It’s a good habit to check your bind before throwing a horizontal trick.


Yea I’ve done the same thing you have. Did a breakaway and ban smacked me right between the eyes


Cracked myself in the side of the head with a DM2. Was still hurting for two days. Also, caught the counterweight wrong one time, thumb was numb for hours.


Pads come loose on my DiBase, comes up, hits me near my temple, fainted for 10 sec.


Took a dietz to the face, a cheap looper to some… Oh man I don’t want to remember

(M.DeV1) #14

Wheres Kyles epic gash picture? From his cliff I think…


This! I usually do a front bind or two before any breakaway until I’m happy with the way the bind felt. It can happen to anyone, I believe Marcus Koh hit himself on the head during his 2012 worlds freestyle. Took it like a boss though.

I’m always getting busted knuckles and fingers, but like most of us the one that stands out was a bind-knot induced Onestar to the face. Damn thing gave me a fat lip… I’m just so glad it was a Onestar and not a something metal with pointier edges. I fear the day I get a knot whilst throwing my DreadnoughtG…


I forgot I hadn’t switched the responsive bearing out of a Duncan Metal Drifter. It snapped back and hit me right above the bridge of the nose. That was sore almost a week.

I hit myself in the funny bone once, in the right elbow, but I can’t remember what yo-yo that was. It killed. My pinky finger went numb…and I was at work. I tried to play it off :smiley: It took a few minutes to fully recover. :-[


I hit myself in the face with a metal after a bad bind. I would like to suggest to people starting out binding, to not look down when you throw, and check your binds before you throw. Make sure the string looks smooth around the bearing. I don’t know why the instructional video’s don’t teach you these things!

I also practiced looping so much last week that I hurt my wrist. I’ve been wearing a wrist brace ever since. The good news is that I’ve learned how to loop with my other hand!!


I think most people’s yoyo related injuries are from a yoyo hitting them in the face due to a knot. I hit right above my left eye with a dm2 within my first month of throwing, and then I hit above my right with a pgm and needed 3 stitches. Nothing else though, aside from string burn.

Someone on here broke a toe or their foot with a popstar before.


Where’s Brandon Jackson with that video of his? He got pretty hurt during the filming of a jojo vid.


This one looks pretty painful.

Poor fellow…