Dangers of yoyoing :0


When you forget there’s a knot in your string and your throw flys back at you nailing you in numerous uncomfortable positions


I lost feeling in my wrist for a month after getting a knot in my string… I injured some tendons and nerves or something because if I even barely touched my wrist, I was in instant pain. I’ve also knocked myself out and gotten more bruises and welts than I could ever imagine.


I currently have a nice scratch on glasses lens, thankfully not near the center, from a yoyo. Also gave me a nice cut in my eyebrow at the same time. The best part is that the string wasn’t knotted; it was just snagged somehow in how it was wound up.

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I actually haven’t hurt myself recently, but I when I was still learning to bind well, I hit myself right squack in the nose.

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everybody’s done it.
prob still my favorite (of mine). technically the whack is off camera, but the sound and my shuddering reaction are really satisfying. thanks, galactic goose!

bojack’s is all time though.


That was so weird


I’ve experienced the first one a few times, though you were right…that second video was intense.


n00btips: dont use a pwave.


I’ve only been throwing for about 9 months but i managed to give myself a bloody nose once… otherwise the worst thing i’ve done was giving myself a knuckle bruise that lasted for a couple weeks


whipped myself in the eye during an open bind. It hurt like the dickens.


It always happens I’ve busted my lip an got some bruises but thankfully that has been it. When I suspect one I throw a front throw and make sure it’s not there first you will know eventually when it happens.


I also throw front throws to try and “throw the catch out,” though even doing this I almost thwacked myself in the face last night.


Repetitive stress and knocking out teeth are my only real concerns.


I gave myself a black eye once it hurt for ages…


Used a sharp yoyo for a finger spin and got a deep cut in my pointer finger


ive never seen that Bojack video before,i watched it yesterday,i laughed my butt off about it, not really at his expense because it was like seeing the danger in real time, and i basically laughed out of fear XD. like a nervous giggle is more like it, and i just hit myself in the temple,i work all mornign to 6pm,come home, “whats up quake?” and he says "This! THwack! right to the temple, bruise forming as i type X_X Hurts like a bizzer…Karma is right around the corner,XD even if i giggle




what throw was that sharp? or was it just beat till it was a cheese grater?


When your puppy isnt used to me yoyoing yet and tries to take a bite out of my 09 Mary I just got!! One tiny scratch from that, now i know to use my protostar around him untill he becomes used to it…for the condition of my yoyos and his teeth hahah


Got hit in the collar bone and wrist mutiple times while looping, hurts like hell.