My eyes are watering...

My yelets snagged the string while I was pinwheeling into a trapeze launching a near full speed hard throw into my under carriage. It hurts. I’m on. 10 minute yoyo break now.

I know your pain.

Not too long ago I experienced the same with my Rally and those bad thick strings that come with a C3 yoyo. Ouch.


No blood, just a lot of awkward embarrassment and pain. I have a talent for hurting myself with metal yoyos.

That kind of thing should happened.
It’s some kind of ritual to be a better yoyoer.

Put a baseball cup on problem solved

Just wear a hockey mask and all black. You can also get a sword if anybody makes fun of.

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It’s not the initial pain that gets ya… it’s the ache. That terrible ache that creeps up on you and takes over your body. Flip. :confounded:

Man I hate when the yoyo unexpectedly shoots back at you. You literally have to swiftly move outta the way as if you were trying to dodge a bullet!

Ugh. The yoyo… “upwards tap.”

Still trying to decide if the pain is worth it. At least now I can Kwijibo. All it took was 3 hours of practice and a very painful “upwards tap”.

^ How did you nut-knock yourself on kwijibo?!?!?

I missed my first trapeze and tried to pinwheel it onto the string. The string snagged and shot the yoyo back up the string looping over top and under my non throw index holding the trapeze. As it came under my finger it came towards my body since it had been poorly pinwheeled. As it came towards my body it was slightly below waist level. :o

I have hit myself so many times. My wife laughs at me and has a rule that I can’t yoyo anywhere near where she is.

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The other day I took a snagged metal zero right to the forehead and it cut me and have me a black eye

lol I use my yoyo yo keep my girlfriemd at bay. some comes at me so I throw it.

Ya know, this thread makes me rethink that old myth that the yoyo started out as a weapon. Just saying…

I think the most often that I hit my 'nads is when I try to do a super fast split bottom mount. It comes at you like a missile if you miss your TH index for the final flip.

I know lots of yoyo players who do this successfully - albeit not intentionally. ;D

Sometimes being female is nice…

I know what you mean bro. Often hit myself in tha forehead with ma metal throw. Anyone ever gotten string burn when say doing Eli Hops, Boomerang or Boing-E-Boing

Dude… EVERYONE gets burns from 8 or more Eli Hops