Yoyo video editing problem

So my sister gave me her laptop since she got a new one for college. Its a windows 7 and used the windows live movie maker. well i hate that software mainly cause I’m used to the vista version of WMM. So I downloaded WMM 2.6

The problem I’m having: when I try to add a vid of me yoyoing for tutorials, It doesn’t work. I drag the video from the imported video section and try to put it in the timeline. But I only get audio from the clip, no video. Do I need to download codecs or something? I’ve noticed there’s some great yoyo videos out there so someone must know something about editing

I haven’t used WMM in a couple of years, but yeah I think that’s a codec problem.

Download the K-Lite Mega codec pack.

Ok it solved one problem. I can play certain videos but I can’t import most of the vids on my computer. I guess it’s a file problem? Is there a fix to this besides a file converter for each video?

What are the files types of the vids you’re trying to import?

Real player videos. They are .flv i think. real player videos work on my other laptop that’s a vista but not on this one for some reason.

Ugh I hate .flvs. A lot of media players/programs don’t like them. You could try more codecs, but I think you might be better off converting the files. Or getting a different camera :stuck_out_tongue: