I am trying to upload a couple yo-yo videos on to youtube and it keeps saying that it failed to convert video file I’m using Windows Movie Maker and I have one other video on there the same way i’m trying to do it now and it won’t work. :’( :’( One of the video is a Green Triangle video with a mount I made up and it took a few months for me to be able to do anything with the footage I took now I can’t put it on. >:( >:( any help?

What video file format are you trying to upload?

on wmm, did you “Save to my computer”? Because you need to do that, and upload the saved file (.wmv), you cant upload the project file (.wmmwv???¿)

that is correct.

Then click save movie file, then convert it to a video file, let it convert, then try to upload it.

Okay I think I got it to work. yoyoman goes to check sees unable to convert file then deletes the failed upload