Hey guys, so I’m entering this yoyosam contest thingy and I’m almost done, but today is the last day. I always have troubles when trying to upload a video to YouTube. Halfway through the uploading process it says it failed. I don’t know why. I think it has something to do with the videos format. I am doing it on windows movie maker so I think the video is WMV. The only way I was able to upload my last video was by changing it to FTV or something but it killed the quality. So how do I upload a video. PLEASE HELP!!!

try rendering it at a lower resolution.

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If that doesnt work just change the format, what I use to change video formats is youtube downloader, its for downloading video from youtube but also has a option that allows you to change the formats of videos on your computer. The only thing bad about it is that when you change format on some videos the color of some object changes.

Here is an example:

That t-shirt is black and the logo is blue and the lyn fury is really a black and green one but looks like a black and purple one.

You can downlaod it here:

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what you need to do is convert the video file into something youtube can post. to do this after you are done editing the video save it. then go to the file button thing there will be a save movie file. click that. after you do that you need to highlite the save to computer button. name the file and make sure it will save to your desktop by using the list thing next to the number 2. then highlite the button thing on the next step. afterthan push next and it will start processing. after it is done go to youtube and click upload. then browse in the desktop for the name of the file. click upload and do all the description and everything and your done. hope this helped this happened to me alot

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Thanks guys! I will try those. Any other suggestions?