Help with windows movie maker

I’m useing windows movie maker to edit tuts i’m trying to make. But whenever i upload videos they all get shortend (execpt for one useually). If the clip was 1 min, it only plays the first 2 seconds… This is driving me nuts and i cant seem to get around it. I’ve scoured the help manual from top to bottom. If you could help, my mental sanity would be greatly benifited.

After you edited the videos, do they play well on your computer? If its the video uploader, try a new one. If your using Youtube then use vimeo, or vise versa.

What type of files are you uploading? Also, does it say that it finished uploading?

i’m doing avi. And this before i post them on youtube or anything. They run fine. But when i upload to movie maker, i notice that the one’s that don’t get cut short have 1 or no green box videos next to it, and the one’s that don’t work have like 4 or more. I don’t even know what the green boxes are…

ok. i am not sure if you do this but here goes. what you need to do is convert the video file into something youtube can post. to do this after you are done editing the video save it. then go to the file button thing there will be a save movie file. click that. after you do that you need to highlite the save to computer button. make sure it will save to your desktop by using the list thing next to the number 2. then highlite the button thing on the next step. afterthan push next and it will start processing. after it is done go to youtube and click upload. then browse in the desktop for the name of the file. click upload and do all the description and everything and your done. hope this helped.

p.s. above the number 2 with the list thing there is a number 1 where u can name the file.

my problem is not youtube, i haven’t touched youtube, my problem solely rests in window movie maker.

ohh. ok
i think possibly you might be deleting part of the clips? i have never had this problem

i’m not deleting them, when their in windows movie maker their short, and i check them oustside of window movie maker and play them, and their short.