Resolved situation. Mods delete please.

I’m looking for a good video editing program that will allow me to add music and titles/transitions to a clip. I’ve got a Canon powershot and it will only save in .mov format, while my computer only came with Windows movie maker. I downloaded a file converter, but it screwed everything up and won’t allow me to save.

The only requirements:
Allow the addition of music.
Allow titles and subtitles.
Free program.

Any help is appreciated.

What’s wrong with movie maker?

I converted the .mov to .wmv using the recommended converter. After that, movie maker allowed me to upload and edit my clips into a video, add music and titles without issue. It will even let me save it as a project. But when I try to save the movie file for uploading, it says that the original source files are unavailable, the folder doesn’t exist and there isn’t enough room on my hard drive.

I checked for source files and they are present. The folder was the Desktop, which was still available. And my hard drive has over 200 GB free, so enough to save a 1:30 video. When I attempted to get customer support from Microsoft, they kinda just refused. Made me more than a little perturbed. So I’m looking for a movie editor that supports .mov because there is really no need for me to convert files that I can take as .mov, edit as .mov and upload to the internet as .mov.

Ugh. I hate Quicktime!

Movie Maker can be finicky but is jam packed with bugs hidden features that keep you on your toes. It may not work very well, but it is slow!

Do you happen to know if you are using an account with administrative privileges? Sounds like it could be a permissions problem perhaps if you have enough disk space. Maybe try running the program as administrator (Right click the program icon, and left click “Run as administrator”) and try again. I try and only feed Movie Maker .mp4 and .mp3 files, and ask it to spit out .mp4 files. All else fails, create a new project and start over. Movie Maker likes to corrupt project files. Before you go spending a lot of time on an edit, try making a single change first, then saving.

I haven’t found any good free editors that I prefer over Movie Maker, so I learned to work around the bugs when I have to use it.

For pay options I prefer Final Cut Pro on Mac, and Cyberlink PowerDirector on PC.

I did four new projects after the initial project yesterday. All to the same end. I’ll keep trying.

Try editing an .mp4 file and see if that works. That might help give an idea if it is an issue with the converted file, the program, directory or the OS specifically.

EDIT: When you are trying to save, make sure that no other program is accessing the media file you are editing (such as video player).

This was all done on iMovie