can anyone edit my video?


ok so i am making a video can anyone edit it for me?
just pm what you can do and show me a video that you edited


Just edit it in windows movie maker.


I CAN edit it, but I won’t. I’m too busy with other projects. One is an educational video about the values of capitalization and punctuation.

I COULD show you a concert I’m working on, but it’s not done yet.

Thanks for asking. Have a nice day!


i would try to use windows movie maker, its way easy but its not compatible with mp4 format. if you need an editor that works for mp4 try arcsoft. they’re both very easy programs to work with arcsoft especially. will be uploading a video shortly edited with arcsoft if you would like to see what it can do.


Hey guys I figured I’d post here. Are those programs free? Or is there a free program I can download to my laptop to edit videos? I want to try to make one but have two problems: I suck and I have never edited before


I’m not sure if arcsoft is free it came with my kodak camera, but you can try to search google for a download. arcsoft is incredibly easy,even if you’ve never edited. if you look in this forum i have my one year video posted somewhere, i used arcsoft and it was the first video ive ever edited.

windows movie maker is free to download and i’ve never used it but it looks fairly simple, i dont use it because its not compatible with mp4 videos.

hope this helps you both ;D


You can make MP4’s using Windows Movie Maker.

I used to make my preview videos .avi files, then have WMM re-render those down to make .MP4’s. I now just do it all in Sony Vegas Pro as I have better control over meta data and it looks a tiny bit better.


nice I figured there was a way to bypass that ;), there always is but i found arcsoft was easy for me and for beginners, just plug the camera in and edit away


Well, I have to do a lot of big projects. I have nothing against the low cost stuff if it works for you. I mean, why spend money if you’re just sharing yoyo vids, right?

I’m doing editing to support shows and business, so it’s a different mindset. All that’s important is that in the end, you can get done what you are trying to get done. Who cares how you get there as long as yu get there.


well said sir, although i do have a new found appreciation for professional editors since i’ve been movie making. editing is difficult and time consuming on a simple level, i cant imagine how difficult it can get when you do it professionally.
there are many tech guys on this forum who make great yoyo vids that can make use of your knowledge a lot better than i can. its all over my head ??? lol


Just keep in mind I’m a sound guy. I do video out of necessity! Well, I’ve also been building computers for years too, and networks, but it all feeds a common goal.

Video editing can be nuts. In you case, you shot it, you know it. What about of someone dumps stack of tapes on your desk and says “make a film of it”. That’s an area I don’t want to touch. I like to specialize in concert and live performance support and post production regarding video, and of course sound and lighting for event production.

Keep shooting, keep learning. No matter what, don’t be afraid to fail. There’s right and there’s wrong. The only way to find out is to try it. The worse case is it sucks and you can’t use it or you hate it. You’ll learn!