Video Editing help

Hey I need a video editing software. Windows movie maker doesn’t accept mp4’s and I don’t want to have to convert the files.

My budget is $0

I’ve tried AVS 4 but I don’t want to pay for it and the watermark is annoying.

I’m down with torrents

Help please?

oh and I love yoyo videos,

Same thing here. My camera takes and saves videos in mp4 and I have to convert them with Prism Video Converter. It doesn’t take long to convert, and it does it fine. I just say right now, instead of looking around for a new software, just convert them and you will be done converting them all before you find a new software :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Just try it and you will like it.

I’m sure rsmod123 could help you out for getting Sony Vegas Pro. I pirated 8.0.

Or if you’d want to take the time to convert I suggest WinFF.

Pretty user friendly in my opinion and, of-course, it’s free!  :smiley:

Try MPEG Streamclip. I dunno if it works on PC (meaning windows). Check it out though. I use it all the time and its great!