video editing

Hey guys. What video editing programs do you all use?

For Windows: Microsoft Movie Maker

For Mac: iMovie

I use Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 :wink:

Ok thanks. Now do you guys know about any video converters? When I upload the videos from my camcorder I have to convert them from whatever they are into actual video files but they are in the MPEG-2 format after that and Move Maker for Windows XP doesn’t work with MPEG-2 so does anybody know of any video converters that work? Preferably that are free? :wink:

Well,I use Windows Media Movie Maker.

Okay, I just had to do that one time…

This is one that I found while Googling that for you:

It looks promising.

Ha that was funny, but thanks Kim. I’ll have to try it out tomorrow on the road to Texas States =)

And yes I did look for one, I just didn’t find anything. I might have forgotten to put the MPEG-2 in there =P

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 8)