I need a new editing software for my yoyo vids

so basically i need some recomendations
I do want one that is easy to use and the price would be nice too

Thanks Guys!


There are a lot of ways to get Sony Vegas, and its a great editing system. I’ve had mine for a very long time, and I love it. My friends just got it using a vid a few days ago.

If you’re using windows, ‘aquiring’ Sony Vegas is probably the way to go. It’s very streamlined and easy to use, as well as highly functional. I’d give it a shot and see how you like it.

if i follow the video and download the trial then i download the keygen is there a risk of getting a virus or something

I find Windows Movie Maker to be more than powerful enough for yo-yo videos. If you own a newish (past 2-4years) PC with Microsoft Windows installed, you probably have it already!

i use Final Cut Pro…although i haven’t made yoyo vids in forever :stuck_out_tongue: