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I have never done video editing. I would like a free one. What are the good ones?

Free and good aren’t words that can be used in the same sentence when it comes to video editing software. Sony Vegas pro or Adobe After Effects are the best software. I’d go with AE though, it has a lot more plugins.


windows movie maker is a good start but, if you want something good your going to need to spend a little money.

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By spending non-Adobe money, you can get into something like this:

And it looks like Corel also acquired a new product to compete with… itself…?:

Video studio gets the job done and then some. You probably won’t want the world’s hugest selection of special effects anyhow… for yoyo videos you want to be able to do standard transitions (fancy dissolving transitions and stuff tend to look wack), add a soundtrack, freeze frame (for tutorials), slo-mo, and add overlays (text, supplementary images, etc.). Video Studio will also do chroma key (green screen), colour adjustments, picture-in-picture, and anything else a tutorial or edit would require.

Not saying it’s the best software in the world. Just saying it’s more than competent.

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I’ll look into those and does anybody know that the trial version of these all included adobe and Greg suggested. Are all features included and there a time limit?

Honestly, I think Windows Movie Maker is usually fine for basic video editing. It would probably be worth trying it out and seeing if you can do what you want with that before spending money on something with more features. Espcially since, like GregP said, the basic stuff is usually ideal for putting together yoyo videos anyway.

The only thing missing in Windows Movie Maker is support for a wide range of input and output formats. As I recall (and I may not recall since it has been a while) it didn’t like my Canon’s .MOV (Quicktime) files.

Yeah, that’s a good point. I’ve used Virtual Dub some because of Windows Movie Maker having problems with certain file types, but Virtual Dub is a lot less intuitive to use than WMM (and probably more limited in terms of features–I was just using it to cut footage). If you can get WMM to work for you, it usually does fine, so I would still recommend trying it since it’s free anyway, but file compatibility could be an issue.

I’ll be downloading trial version of Adobe and if I don’t. Like it I’ll try other trials.

What are some good video editing softwares under $50 or free? a lot of the popular ones are expensive! I’m looking for something that can do the basic stuff. What do you use for yoyo videos?

Guys when I open the adobe website open the after effects page they say login to download trial I log in but then it asks the permission and says downloading but nothing downloas and my internet speed is also good .

So you guys know how can I download the trial.