What editing software do you guys use and think is the best for yoyo videos?

iMovie, the one that comes standard with Macs is what I use and think it works very well. It gets the job done without having to learn a lot about it, unlike editing software you actually have to pay for.

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Does anyone have any suggestions for pc?


I’m trying to use Sony Vegas since I have a new PC

Im practicing with the trial…

I used to make all my videos on my iPod, but now I make them on my iPhone. I bought the iMovie app and use that to edit and post them.

^^ I watched all of your Ipod tests haha

Sony vegas is the best ,but it’s way to expensive.I’d suggest cracking it ,but that’s risky. :-\

Yeah. Do you use it? I want to know the best HD settings for a yoyo video.

i movie and go pro cinaform for slow motion and lighting adjustments

I use it ,and I’m not the best editor ,but which Sony Vegas are you using? I use nine ,and it has a feature to where you can upload it directly to youtube.

Is it worth it to purchase Sony Vegas, or is it better to stick with Windows Movie Maker?

If you want to get something fairly cheap, and simple, for PC, I recommend Adobe Premiere Elements 11. It is fairly straightforward, has some neat effects and transitions, and you can upload direct to YouTube.

As an editing software I use Sony Vegas Pro 11. I didn’t have to pay for it. It is the best one to use for video editing in my opinion, but there are many other good ones other than Sony Vegas Pro 11. God Bless - Moefv

I just film it and upload. Editing is meh.

Im using SOny Vegas Pro 12 but I dont know what resolutions to use:/

Adobe Premier is over $2K. You can get Sony Vegas Pro for under $700.

And don’t crack it. That’s theft and causes indirectly everyone’s price to increase.

I get Sony Vegas Pro free due to work I do with a film organization. It is a decent editor. It has shortcomings. Pro 11 starts to actually take advantage of the graphics card better, but for rendering, it still lacksin some areas.

Yeah. Haha Im trying to use other ones because Windows Movie Maker ruined the quality for this video

This this this this this.
If you aren’t doing editing for a living, if you don’t make short films, get this. It’s all you need.

I agree, again, it’s great. I’ve seen prices for this software, which is only about $60, it’s called Adobe Premiere “Elements” and it is on version 11 now. You can add titles, fade in and out with various transitions, cut, insert images, take still images from video, add music, add narration over the video, add lots of special effects to the video, crop, upload direct to YouTube, you name it. Good stuff.