Adobe Premiere Pro Should be enough but After effects is dope but a little too advanced :stuck_out_tongue: I use After effects CS 5.5

Hey, can someone help me out? I keep trying to upload vids on YouTube, and the upload conks out after like 2 minutes of working fine. I upload in .MOV files that I don’t edit at all, just import from camera and try to upload. Almost never works. I got a few vids uploaded using the old-style uploader, but now YouTube’s gotten a makeover and I can’t find the old school uploader. Can anyone help?

Try [how to upload videos on youtube] :wink:

:-X I’ve looked at that and it’s not much help to me.

Edit: I should probably go make sure I didn’t miss anything.

It helps to import into an editing software and then select the option that says “Upload to Youtube”

Youtube is always kinda buggy.

All I have is iMovie. Will that have the function?

It should. It’ll be in your pulldown menu, I’m not sure which one exactly.
Maybe “Share”? It’s been forever since I used Imovie.

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Yes I think that’s correct. After finalizing the video, click the share option, select youtube and it should have you enter all of the tags and such for your video and then it will upload it.

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Thanks, I’ll try that.