what video editing software do you use?

Just got Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 Is that a good one for uploading videos to youtube? I’m just using my 8mp still camera’s video mode, which seems to give good videos, Don’t know what kind of framerate it can make yet, but they seem pretty clear… Just need to be able to edit several videos together and put up splash screens, add in text for tutorials, and scene transition effects and clean up the videos themselves… Anyone else using this same software? Any hints/tips?

I just use an iPhone 4 and iMovie, and I’m sure the quality of my videos reflects it.

I’m also too lazy to spend very much time editing them.


I also use premiere, usually shooting in 1080p/50fps with my Canon cam and 960p/50fps with my gopro.

I edit in 720p/50fps so I can crop my images if needed

to save up on long rendering times when exporting, I try to render as often as possible (hit “return”), then I do one final render before I export.

once the sequence is edited, I render and export with the same settings (I don’t convert), then I get the video back into premiere to add some more stuff to it (like “posterize time” to 24fps for that “movie” look) before the final export.
I render once more, add titles (still trying to figure out after effects, getting there tho) and whatnot, then I render again and export in the same format as original, without converting.

it gives big files but it’s faster. then I just upload that large file on youtube, works fine.