question on this videos editing...


Step One: Watch This Video.
Step Two: answer this question if you know the answer or a similar answer that would relate to the question. Question: Does anyone know what editing program this guy used?
Step Three: Enjoy the video! :smiley:


That is Johnnie DelValle and he used Adobe Premiere Pro at the time - although that was quite a few years ago. :slight_smile:


Adobe’s products and JD’s editing/yoyo skills make one good video! :wink:

(Brandon Jackson) #4

Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere. The interface was designed in photoshop, and the motion/animation of the interface was created in Premiere.


Yeah, I suck at editing anyway.

Also, I use WMM. Is that why my videos suck? :slight_smile:


Windows Movie Maker is what I use for editing. I also have Pinnacle Studio 8 but the capture feature on it won’t work. >:( :’(