Up in the Air (Now featured on yoyoskills.com)

Feedback is appreciated!  :slight_smile:

samad you ninja :stuck_out_tongue:

Great vid, despite how early we went.

Sick roof climbing skills. Haha Amazing video. I wish my friends would get into yoyoing. 5 or 6 friends have yoyos pgm’s protostars, lyn furys and est but they aren’t that into it. You guys are pretty lucky to have a bunch of friends that share the same hobby.

Justin you make great videos with really good songs.

That was really good! I liked it alot.

Nice job! Really smooth yoyoing with good tricks and filming.

BTW What Camera and editing software did you use?

Flip mino hd and Final Cut Pro.

That’s awesome. :slight_smile: BTW, what song?

Dumbfoundead - Up in the Air

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i like it

Dude! Final Cut??! that looks a lot like just a standard imovie vid right there…that app. costs over $1000!! no disrespect, but thats not final cut.

How could it not be final cut?

I used really really basic stuff on Final cut. (not mine, my brothers) I would use sony vegas but my camera doesnt work with it. :-\

It’s a great video with nice and smooth flowing tricks! I think you guys did a great job!!!