i am entering an online yoyo contest,but
my video won’t upload.It said unable
to upload due to an unknown errer.

I’m also having trouble with putting
music on my video.
I have no idea what i’m doing. ???
please help!!!

different music? ???

uummm… I need to know how to put
the music on the video.

Putting music on the video has to be done with some sort of editing software. With most softwares you can just drag and drop the music on the track with the video. You may be experiencing uploading difficulties because of the video format. You can also change it using the editing software. :wink:

but,the contest is coming soon and
I barely know a thing about this kind of
stuff. ???

To add music, what I do is put my video in iPhoto and then there is an option in the tools that allows you to add music from your iTunes library. But I work on Macs so if you have a PC, I hope you come to the light

would audio swap library work ???

What Camera do you have? I have a Bloggie and there is two video things for one video. One of them is the right one, so If there are two tabs for one video, try both.

the camra i used sez Vivitar