Ethan Stromquist // PORCH


My new video, PORCH.
HUGE thanks to Coleman Weimer for editing and color correcting this!
Note: Youtube had some issues uploading and/or processing this video so it has turned out a bit strange with audio cuts, freezing, etc. (It wasn’t edited like this)
I still hope you can enjoy my tricks though!


YouTube has mangled up a video or two of mine, too. It’s so weird.

Would be interested to see if it can somehow be fixed… re-upped or something. They are unfortunately a bit distracting from the tricks. But from what I could see, a very smooth, relaxing flow! I enjoy watching that kind of play.

(Alex Fairhurst) #3

Super distracting. You should try to reupload it.

(Owen) #4

Reupload it


Yeah, I would say reupload it also. That’s honestly just way too distracting…


Hey guys,
I do oppoligise for the way YouTube messed up the video. I have tried to reupload it three times and I got the same result. :confused:


If you’re getting the exact same result each time, it’s not YouTube, it’s the render.

If you haven’t already done so, re-render it to MP4, which is the format YouTube seems to like best. If your software has a “realtime rendering” option, disable it, since stutters and glitches that occur in realtime playback will also be present.

(Owen) #8

Yeah. What Greg said.

I really wanna see the not crappy result because I love Coleman’s editing and your tricks looked good from what I could see.


I’ll try. :slight_smile: Might be a bit till I’m finished. Ill repost the fixed video when I’m done. Thanks!