Upstate. a short one

New video i made for a battle on here. I made it early and i like it allot so i figured id post it!

How long have you been throwing?

Woah, what happened to the encoding…

Awesome vid!


its been around 8 months now.
and yeah every time i encode something from vimeo it does that… any suggestions on how to fix it?haha

thanks! thats kinda what i was going for. i sorta accidentally clicked on it when i was going through my itunes and it was perfect!

The thing is, YYE has an automatic encoder.

If you erase everything other than the link, it should work.

Maybe I’m wrong and it’s just for youtube?

i think thats just for youtube because no video comes up if i just copy the link

edit: got it to work. the embed url is different from the actual one i guess… idk