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I’ve been wanting to make a video that mentioned YYE for so long. I was looking back at my PMs and saw me asking Samad’s permission to use the YYE logo in one of my videos, then I think, and finally think of a good place to shoot the video, a small canyon near my local park. I take my brother to soccer, and then film.

I really love YYE, and want to show my love for it. Thank you guys!

Also, I’ll be uploading the same video but with a song soon.

So yeah, hope you like it!!!

Also, Vimeo is coming soon, just proccesing ATM.

Yeah, nice tricks but the song will help. Also, the last part that you filmed was hard to see. Nice though!

Vimeo Up!

Cool video! And welcome to!

Happy Throwing! =]


I like Vimeo, so far…good quality!

Loved the music!

seriously, I couldn’t even finish watching the video because I got bored with no music and the string was hard to see.