BAC 2009 clip video!

What a fun contest!


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that looks like so much fun. i wish i could have bean there :’(

will this be put on youtube? My computer won’t do Vimeo.

unfortunately no :frowning:

The file was HUGE and youtube doesn’t allow such a large video file.

What happens when you try to load the page?


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95.5 percent of the time it won’t have the embeded window.
and usually it takes forver to load.
I’ll try tomorrow.

I watched so many videos… it was awesome.

Dang!That must have been a blast,I might go next year.

Yay, I saw myself in there. :smiley:
I should have done better tricks :frowning:

Dude this vid is shaweet! ;D It makes me want to go to a contest so much more. later.

Keep it spinning™

Sorry I wasn’t there guys, my parent changed plans for the weekends. Next time! :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]