California State Yoyo Championships 2012

Traveled to Sacramento for the 2012 California State Yoyo Championships.
Great time and lots of fun meeting people, checking out tricks, and watching the best.

Derezzed- Glitch Mob Remix
Dirty Pop- N-sync

Shot on Canon Gl2


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Ah, finally, Vimeo. This is why Vimeo is better in some ways, but in some ways it’s also not as good as YouTube.

Nice. I saw myself behind the console(my proper place!)

Also, nice thing about the kids on bikes. There’s not supposed to be bikes inside the mall unless being walked.

Downloaded and saved!

Nice video, I have super fast internet, and vimeo still took forever to load. Vimeo is good, but I think it needs a lot of work before it can truly be a competitor to youtube, it doesn’t compress the videos properly. Next time, maybe give people an option, and upload it to both :slight_smile: Thanks for uploading tho, was very entertaining to watch.

I uploaded to youtube, and youtube removed it due to the music I used.
SO I went back and spent a ton of time redoing the video with different music.
And youtube ended up blocking it.
I gave up. The vimeo compressed the video down and it looks horrible compared to what it really is. Youtube had it in the corect quality but removed the video.
Im done, I gave up on trying to get this video out, I guess Ill be the only one who will see it in the quality it is meant to have.


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Hey man - thanks for putting that together. It was a lot of fun at the comp, and you caught that well.

Hey Jayyo remember the guy who threw offstring 4 the first time and did boingy boing and a whip? Im jealous. . . haha

Wow, the first person I see in the video is MY DAD. Aha. I am later in the video. Well, part of me. You only see my leg and my shoe but that’s it.

Great video Josh!

Cool video Josh! Good times!!!

Are you the guy in the brown shirt?