Need some help with WMM

Okay guys, I feel I’m really in need of some good songs to my video, and am honestly not really sure how to get them on the video file and upload them to YouTube. (I’m dumb xD)

Any help please? Thanks!

Do you need help on like, how to get the video file onto WMM, or can you not upload it in YT altogether?

How to get the file on the computer itself, so its a proper file to get on WMM.

Use this site:

Use the URL and convert it to the file WMM uses. Sorry, I forgot what type of audio file WMM uses.

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Thanks, but I think its not the answer I’m looking for. I will definely help me in the long run, though.

My question is how do I get it from a program lik iTunes into a file on my computer? I worded my last question poorly

ok. you need windows media player. insert a cd, go to rip music in wmp, and rip (copy) all the songs to the library. next, while in wmm, go to file, improt into collections, and find the wmp folder. you should find the songs you uploaded, choose the one you want, and click import. the song will appear where the clips are, and then drag it to the audio section of the timeline. hope this helped.

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if u need a song for the video still, what kind of music are u listening for.

I’ve got some songs in mind, just need to get them on the CDs (I know how to do that, BTW)

Thanks Adam. You guys can expect a video from me soon :slight_smile: