Jayyos WMM tutorial!

So I know many of you yoyoers have wondered: How do you make a cool yoyo video using just basic Windows Movie maker?
Well I will go and tell you all I can in this post.

Before editing, make sure your clips are clear with multiple angle shots of the same trick.
People like seeing a well made video and you will like it too.

I first record all the clips I need and then upload the video files into my computer.

After I do that.

I go into a program that is on most windows computers called: Windows Movie Maker.

Once in WMM. I go to the side bar and select: “Import Videos”

By clicking that, you open your files and you can select the videos you want to be put into your video.

Once a video is uploaded. it will show up on the main screen. Click on it, and drag it down to the “timeline”.

Right click on the video and “Mute” the video. If you dont do this, you will get a very much backround noise in your video and you dont want that.
This is what I mean. This was my old vid from 2004 and notice. I didnt use mute! Look what happens!

To add titles, (Words).

Go to the side bar and select: “Make titles or credits”

Once you click on that, it will take you to another page with different options. If you want to make a title at the beggining: Select: “title at the beggining”
You can make it look very cool by changing the font and backround and word colors.
Like in old video: Balance

To make words come through in the video (So like me yoyoing with a title in the screen)

Select: “title on selected clip”
So it will show up like the video here:

To make a blank solid title in between a clip. select: “Title after the clip”
It will look like this tutorial videos titles: at 12 seconds.

You can also change the backround color of the title and blank titles by selecting: “Change text font and color”

And there you can also change the color of the words.

To change the title animation. Select " Change title animation"

There they will give you a large menu of animations you can put in your titles.

To add a photo into your video.

Select: “Import pictures.”

To add music to your video. Select: “import audio or music files”

Both of these you can add anywhere to your timeline.

If your video has a part that you dont want. Like a missed bind at the end. You can trim down the video by clicking right next to the clip and trimming it down little by little.
Like in my yomega throwing video.
If you notice the first clip. It got cut off. Thats cause I messed up on the hop out I was trying to do.
I added in a fade out to white to make it look cool.

If your footage is too dark, click on effects and select “brightness increase”. If its still too dark, Select it again, and again untill you got your perfect shot.
There is also a brightness decrease that you can use if its too bright.

To add cool effects like black and white or any others.

Click on “View video effects” There you can select any effects you might want on certain parts of your video.
Like what I did with Moebius zone.
I added black and white as the effect. And also Fade out to white and fade into white.

One cool effect is something called ghosting. Drag the clip and place it slighly onto the other clip on the timeline. When you play the clip, the two shots will fade into each other.
I used this in my video "transport.

To make cool transitions from clip to clip. Select: “view video transitions” and you can choose whatever transition you like.
Like what I did in my earlier 2yo style clip wiht my friend Mateo.


To make credits. Select: “Make titles or credits”

And it will again take you to another page.

Select “credits at the end” and you can type up what you want.
A good example of good credits is what i did with the 2yo club meet video.
I changed the original word color and backround color. The font is “Impact” by the way.

To save your movie as a .wmv movie file (perfect for youtube).

Go to “file” on your computer on the top and select “Save movie file” MAKE SURE ITS THAT ONE!

And not Save project or save project as. Those are for when you need to go do something and want to save your movie editting for later.

Once you have saved you movie. It will be ready to upload to youtube or wherever and be shared to everyone!

Your end result is a good looking video that many will enjoy.

btw. If you want to keep your sound in the vid. you can. Its good for videos like the 2yo nonsense vid!

Also, there are add-on effects for WMM!
Go here!
I snagged a night vision for my frontstyle video!

If you want to do harder effects like in this b3 video.

Then you will need a better movie program like Adobe Premier.
But WMM is good for just normal vids.

Hope all this helped!


Awesome J!

I suck with WMM so this helped me out!


yay! I might be able to make a frame drop free video with this guide.

are sponsored by yomega, or do you just like their yoyos?

thanks! i never thought i was capable to make a video! now it is easy! woo!

Thanks for the guide Josh! I knew how to add titles and music and photos and such but i never knew about the effects! thanks again!

I am very good at windows movie maker, and I use that to animate. But, unfortunately my camera refuses to connect with my computer. Great tutorial though! :wink:

at the beginning of the guide Jayyo says that he uploads the footage from the camera onto the computer he uses then imports it. I am wondering how would a person go about doing that.
if it helps I use a Sony DCR-TRV460.

I’ll do this one step by step

  • Record something
  • The camera should come with a cable you can use to hook it up with a computer. Find this.
  • Connect the camera to the computer using the cable you found
  • Upload recorded material to a folder on your computer
  • Open Windows Movie Maker
  • Import the recorded material in your folder to Windows Movie Maker

This should work pretty well. Can’t see any reason it won’t.

Well it is usual to connect the camera through a USB portal. Then check My Computer and find a portable disk, portable sikspace or something like that. You should now have access to your camera’s memory where your video is stored. Then just copy and paste it into wanted folder.

okay I have tried that. it finds the camera but in my computer nothing new shows up.
EDIT: after checking it will say it knows that there is a USB device but nothing shows up in My Computer.

You might need to install a software for your camera on your computer. This should have come with your camera.

I have installed a software multiple times.

umm, do I need a memory stick for uploading to my computer?

well i do it differently, by using the memory card rather than the cable or whatever. i take out the card, then put it into an adapter thing.

i use the kodak 6-in-1 card reader

from their you can plug that into the usb thing, and put videos, pictures and such on the card from or to the computer and camera/ vise versa. you can also intall hacks on it and put them on the wii and dsi which also allows some sd cards on it. hope this helps!

ps you can also use the imagemate 12-1 by sandisk to do the same

how do u upload it to your video files and wheres your side bar can u be more specific