please help!

I am working on a video that I am taking with a video camera and i know how to put it on the computer but I desperitly need help with editing and like adding music so anything will help thanks/ ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

ill help i can do it for you but im sure youll want to do that but if you want ill explain wmm for you.

take a look at this

yoyo player how could u do it for me?

You will probably need to install some software that came with your video camera. Then, follow what it says and you can read the videos and probably save them to the computer.

How many clips is it/what is the expected length? Do you know what music you want to use? If it is reasonable, I will happily do this for you. Let me know ^^ Also, submit something to the video compilation Iā€™m putting together : D

yeah u read my mind elendilandurilz i was gonna submit my vid to u and plus i figured out the video editing so thanx for your time everyone

Great glad to hear it!

If you need video editing software, I use Pinacle videospin. Free, and pretty decent. Plus, lots of output formats.

I could do it by you sending me your clips and telling me what parts to use and what music, like ElendllAndullz said.

thanx yoyo payer but i think i figured it out but thanx anyway :wink:

Your welcome, if you need any advice then PM me.

if you have trouble editing look at certain videos depending on the editing software you have

He said he figured it out.