help with downloading yoyo videos?

I’m using to try to download youtube yoyo videos. I want to put them into windows movie maker so I can slow the videos down and try to learn the tricks. But whenever I try to import the videos into windows movie maker this comes up

yoyo Video [].mp4 cannot be imported because the codec required to play the file is not installed on your computer. If you have already tried to download and install the codec, close and restart Windows Movie Maker, and then try to import the file again.

What does this mean? Is there any other way I can import a yoyo video into windows movie maker?

It means just what it says. you don’t have the right codecs to play mp4 files on your computer.

Search google for mp4 codecs for wmm. Here’s the search string:
mp4 codec for windows movie maker

So I have to download a codec packet?

Yes, that would seem to be the case. I’ve had to do that for a couple of video apps I use. They come with some baseline setup and you need to add codecs for other things.

it’s usually a licensing/distribution issue. While a codec may be free the video app developer may not have the rights to distribute it since it belongs to someone else.

Install Quicktime.

I don’t use WMM. I used it for making MP4’s, but I found they came out better using Sony Vegas Pro so I stopped using WMM.

I tried this. Quicktime only lets me slow down a video a little bit. It’s not slow enough to learn some of the tech tricks though. I’m not willing to pay for the pro verison haha

RealPlayer will solve all of your problems.
I’ve saved tons of videos using this software.

naw realplayer won’t let me slow down vids for some reason. PM’d

oh and btw, I tried this. Not only did it not work, but the codec package installed a ton of other crap on my computer like ‘free dolphin screen saver’ and ‘free music downloader’

I downloaded from this site using the suggested search string