how do I download a youtube yoyo video so I can learn the tricks?

I want to try to learn some of jensen kimmitts stuff but I’m not sure how to download the video. the reason why I want to download is so I can put the video in slowmotion. Does anyone know how to do this?

Yes I made a thread so you could do that very thing.,33168.msg324018/topicseen.html#new

Find the video on youtube. Change “” to “”.

Run the Java applet, download the size you want. Enjoy.

Note: If taking on your iPod/iPhone, use the 360p MP4 versions.

I’ve downloaded over 500 videos. My only issue is some I downloaded versions that are incompatible with my iPhone. I can either go back or just use Sony Vegas to convert them. Who knows, there’s probably some free utility that will do the conversion for me. Either way, they go into iTunes next. I add some meta tags for organization. I’m quite organized.

Then, I make playlists of the tricks I want to learn(say, double or nothing, mach 5…), assemble the tricks into the playlists, select the playlists I want to, sync on my iPhone. Bingo: instant training on the go.

i tried downloading a video on my computer and it seemed to work but when I clicked the video to watch it my computer says “video cannot be found”. what did I do wrong?
Also, try for conversions. Idk if it’s what you looking for but its a free program that email you the new file (they dont send you ad emails either)