Downloadable tutorials

I downloaded some tutorial videos from, and realized that using the latest vlc-player I could run them in slowmotion. This really makes it easier to understand tricky moves. I really like the videos on, and I think it would be great if they somehow were made downloadable

Good point you have there. And how come I haven’t noticed you or any other Swedish yoyoers here?

I 2nd this it would be sick to just check my i pod and see what im doing wrong

Here’s a vote for download capability. I would love to be able to watch some tutorials in slow-mo.

By the way, check out This guy has a bunch of tricks in super slow-mo. There are no explanations for how to do the tricks, but you can learn a lot from watching them slowed down.


I just found a way to dowload these videos. As many of you guys might know, a youtube downloader does exist. And a lot of, if not all of these tutorials do exist on youtube. I really don’t think that i need to explain what you are to do, but here i go:

1.Download a youtube downloader
2.Find the tutorial you would like to see
3.Use the downloader from step 1 to download the tutorial from step 2
4.(optional) convert the downloaded tutorial from step 3 into a format that will “fit” your iPod
5.Open the tutorial in a media player such as VLC, windows and i have no idea how adobe works
6.Watch the tutorial as many times as you want
7.If you have an urge for more tutorials, repeat the previous steps.

Wasn’t aware these videos existed on youtube. off I go to T.P.B to get a downloader and converter then. thanks pheenix my fellow scandinavian.

No problem. But I really don’t think you need a converter. Some youtube downloaders (atleast mine) has a built-in converter. Just thought I’d mention that.

the youtube downloader are usually a general flash vid downloader so you can get the tutorials off here to take with you, thought I’d just mention that :wink: