Downloading the videos on YYE.

I would like to know if it is possible to download the videos here? i would like to be able to learn tricks without having to be on the net. As some of you might know, im a security guard and that is generally when i yo, it gets boring, so i have my laptop in the patrol car just not access to internet… So can anyone help me out? or point me to a site that has THESE videos that i can dl?

The videos Andre posts here are on youtube and there is a software to download from youtube. I believe the software is DVDVideoSoft Free Studio.
I would suggest downloading Free Studio Entirely because there are some really helpful stuff other than a youtube downloader.

If you have firefox then you can use the downloadhelper add-on for Firefox. If you don’t then use Yoyo Player’s idea.

I’ve been using orbit downloader.

thank all three of you. I used Chris’ advice, and it downloads in stupid .flv and most converters are retarded and mess up video and sound quality, so, i just got a .flv player. Thanks again. ;D