Youtube Video Download

Does anyone know of a simple way to download videos from Youtube without having to download applications of some sort? I remember a while back in 2005 I was able to download movies simply by just right click on the link within the Sector Y video site, however, some videos I’ve been wanting to download for a school project of mine are all on YouTube.

Any ideaS?

  • Johnny Narum

There’s VDownloader, which is an application.

For web-based, go to

Also, you can change the URL portion “youtube” to “saveyoutube” and get it to work most of the time.

PM’ed as well.

Also you can install realplayer, and a bar will appear right on top of the video that says “download”. it’s sooo easy. I’ve been downloading videos and learning the yoyo tricks.

Also you can try zamzar. It’s a file converter