Download tricks?

I am excited to find and become a new member and part of this forum! I always played with yoyo’s when i was much younger really wish i would of had the support to take it a step further and got a better yoyo than a fireball. well time passes and here i am addicted to the sport.

I use the videos off of yoyo expert to learn all of the tricks that i know to date. My hat off to Andrea B he does such a great job at breaking down tricks for a slower learner as myself. I have reran so many of his videos i feel like i know him. All i can say about it is thanks i would not be the yoyoer that i am now with out them videos.

I travel and do a bunch of hiking so i was wondering if there was a way that i can download some of these videos and take them with me out in the woods so i can have reference if i forget part of the trick, which i am good at.

Hope someone can help me out with this thanks in advance!

There’s a plug-in called Video Download Helper available for firefox and chrome, maybe IE too, I don’t know.

Just google “youtube to mp4” and pick a page

This is the one I use the most:
It lets you choose the video resolutions and tells you exactly its size in MB for each resolution. This is good to see if you have enough memory in your phone.
You can also choose the beginning and the end of the video to convert (saving some precious MBs).

You can also do it with plugins, as jhb8426 said
That same page also has plugins for chrome, firefox and safari:

my fault i should of mentioned to download on my phone, sorry for the confusion.

If you have an Android, download Snaptube. It is the app I use to download youtube videos on my phone

great thank you i am going to do that now!

Sorry, I’m one of those dinosaurs that doesn’t use the phone for anything other than PHONE calls.

Welcome to the Forum, a lot great people here. Lot of experienced people who can really help you out. Its always nice meeting a new forum member.

I usually use download helper (mentioned) and copy the files to my android device. I usually do this with clyw cabin tutorials so I can play it frame by frame. is the best, in my opinion, even though it’s a bit more complicated. Just copy the URL of the video, and paste it in the file2hd url box, then click movies and download the resolution you want. I like it because it doesn’t have ads and it’s faster once you learn to use it.

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