Download Video Tutorials Here (OD, YYE, YT, YYN, HSYY...)

Hey everyone,

As a new beginner, I was amazed and thankful for all of the free youtube trick tutorials, but after a while, I got impatient with waiting for videos to load. Also, I like watching different tutorials for the same trick, and found that having tons of browser tabs open and navigating through different sites wasn’t exactly the best user experience. So I put my nerd hat on and with some Firefox extension magic, downloaded every single 1A video tutorial from the major “professionally done” tutorial providers. Poof - no more load times and tying up bandwidth, and now I can load up my iPhone and iPad with videos for offline enjoyment. Now I can learn new tricks on international flights and in the heart of the Amazon rainforest (power supply permitting)!

Anyways, I thought many of you would also find this useful, so I’ve hosted the files on my Google account and made them publicly available so you could download any and all videos to your heart’s content. I figured since all of the videos are freely available on youtube, democratizing the files in this manner wouldn’t be grossly unethical. The only possible issue I could think of would be possible ad revenue loss from youtube, but I doubt this would be significant. If you’re concerned about this, just disregard this post and continue learning through youtube. However, if you’re the owner/creator of any of these videos and you’d like me to take them down, I’d be more than happy to oblige - just shoot me a PM.

Here’s the link to the download folder: Click Here to Download Yoyo Video Tutorials


A thousand thanks to the following people and websites for spreading the love and taking the time and energy to produce these tutorial videos for the public! I know I must be missing people, so if you know someone that’s left out, let me know and I’ll update the list.

[]High Speed YoYo: Brett Grimes, Jared Alperin, Jacob Gross, Jake Willis
]One Drop Design: Brett Grimes, Jared Alperin, Jacob Gross, Jake Willis
[]Rethinkyoyo: Kyle Vegh
]YoTricks: Adam Bottiglia
[]YoYoExpert: André Boulay
[*]YoYoTutorials: Michael Montgomery


[] :!: A Google account is not required to download the videos, however, logging into a Google account and using the Google interface to download the videos is much easier. If you are not logged into a Google account, you must download each file individually - you cannot download entire folders or multiple videos at the same time.
] :!: If you do not have a Google account, or do not wish to create one (strongly suggested), I have created a dummy account you can use to make downloading easier. For you non-Googler’s out there, use these credentials:
[list][]Username: yoyofabulous
]Password: ilovetoyoyo
[]For help downloading files using Google, visit: GoogleDocs Help
]Videos are arranged according to creator and trick difficulty level.
[]I have tried to rename tricks to make organizing/indexing easier, so some trick names may be different from what appears on youtube. (i.e. making sure all filenames for the same trick are the same)
]If a video has “(+)” attached to the filename, this means there are other tutorials for the same trick from other creators.
[]All videos are in the highest resolution available.
]All videos are iPhone/iPod/iPad compatible - no conversion necessary.
[]For iPhone/iPod/iPad users: managing/viewing a lot of videos on Apple devices is still rather clunky using the native applications. The best third-party solution I have found is GoodReader, and has many other useful functions. It’s currently $4.99 from the Apple app store. I had already purchased this app, so haven’t spent much time looking for free alternatives. If you find a better alternative, free or otherwise, post it here and I’ll update the post.
]Total file size for all videos: 8.52 gb[/list]

If you have any questions or concerns, just shoot me a PM or post to this thread, and I’ll try getting back to you soon. If it’s troubleshooting related, please try posting to the thread in case others have the same issue.




Awesome, thanks a lot…

I was thinking of doing something similar myself and you probably just saved me several days searching…


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Amazing! I love how you separated the tricks by difficulty as well! Great job!

Hey, I just have found these websites and I think it’ll be very useful for some of you, there are many tricks that made by the Russian (I guess so) from perfectelements website, it’s really good, so BezerkeleyDude, if you think this is useful, please add these videos to your files so everybody can download and watch them easier. Here is the link:


I looked at the videos, it seems that some are in English, and some are in different languages. I saw a video from Eric Koloski, and also Jason Lee explaining their tricks in English. I say as long as they go slow, and show you how to do it, and actually teach you, then any tutorials should be welcomed.

So what do you think, BezerkeleyDude?

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Wow, thanks for this.

It’s funny cus I was doing the exact same thing a few months ago, and I finished it too, but then the was an “Imminent Hard Drive Failure” and it all got deleted. Any, thanks for this! Saved me some time from redoing it.

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I’m looking forward to perusing this when I get home.

I’ve been going through and collecting quite a few “sites” worth of videos for download. I’ve got nearly 45Gigs of yoyo videos. Most are tutorials, a few are DVD’s I’ve ripped to the media server, such as the Yomega and YYF ones. I’ve also collected a sizable number of performance videos, documentaries and other videos that are yoyo-related.

Hit YouTube up and go input YoYoTrickList into the search. 314 videos. Pay attention as some are merely “show the trick” not “teach the trick” videos. The guy is apparently Japanese, but the videos are silent and there’s no text. Saw some stuff in there that I’ve been shown recently.

Also, check out CyberYoTutorials. Some good stuff in there.

As, G2Pictures featuring Jacob Gross. Very much HighSpeedYoYo inspired, but it does make sense!

Also, YoYoTricksNow.

Masterofyoyo has some great stuff in there. Well done, multi-angle, voice-over work. Some videos have outtakes at the end.

I’d upload them to my web server, but since that would be distributing work I do not have clearances for, I can’t “share them” the way I’d like to. Copyright and all.

If you’re going to be leeching files off YouTube, get VDownloader:
Also, SaveYouTube works good too. Sometimes it’s better than vdownloader. Vdownloader has some issues if you don’t use defaults as there’s LOTS of options for quality/resolution it leaves out.

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