Want to learn any trick that you see in a video? Come on in...

Hi, I have noticed that all over youtube there are hundreds of videos that have great yoyoing in them and the one thing that I allways see is a comment that sais “tuto” below that video. It seems that there are alot of tricks that we all want to learn. I have seen replies to topics that say, to someone who just did a great trick that a pro yoyoer does, can you do a tutorial for (whomever’s) trick. Making tutorials takes time and some skill with a camera and vidoe editing software, not to mention yoyoing skill as well.

So now to the part that you will definitly want to pay attention to. I don’t have to wait for tutorials because you can learn tricks from that video that you just saw on youtube or even the yoyoexpert forum. There will never be enough tutorials for people to learn all they want to, simply because people don’t have the time to make them.

I have a video downloader that can download videos from many many sites (cant download vimeo though) and a media player that can play back a video in 1/33 the speed and it is time that I posted these links so that everybody can learn all that they want to and get soo much better, and best of all you don’t have to wait for that videos tutorial.


The link for the media player that I use. To slow down playback right above the play/pause button there is a double arrow pointing left, press it and it will slow down video up to 1/33 normal speed


The link for the video downloader that I use. To download a video just press the download button in the top left of the toolbar when it becomes bold and it will download any video on the page. works with youtube and yoyoexpert. not vimeo though. To see the videos you downloaded click the browse button in the toolbar and double click the folder that was the webpage you downloaded the video from.

Please if you have any problems then you are welcome to ask anything about the two programs, I checked both and there is nothing wrong with the links and you are getting what I am saying you are. No bs scams or random spyware or other crap.

I hope that I have helped.

PM me if you have any questions



my anti-virus software blocked the second link cause its a risky site. So no way am I going to use these.

Thanks for this topic and its a good idea what your posting but I would rather wait for a tut than ruin my comp :confused:

Well I’m sorry that your software blocked it. I can garantee you that there is nothing wrong with it. I just downloaded it again and my computer didn’t block it, I suppose we have diffrent software, sorry that it didn’t work. I will try to find another link and you can try that, ok?

I can say it works fine for me. I downloaded it and everything is perfectly normal. I used this to learn a lot of guy wright stuff!! (well still learning… hehe)

I use YouTube Downloader and you can download Vimeo videos too, it has a list of all the site you can download from,Click Here to download. For my media players I use the VideoLan as well, but I also use Windows Media Player Classic, it’s not the WMP that comes on most Computers but it’s a different one. For the Media Player Classic Click Here to Download. And they all work just as good if not better then most. So try the YouTube Downloader, in the Help menu there is a selection called Links, this will tell you where you can and can’t download. Good Luck and hopes this helps a little more.

Sorry for the Size, color, and Font, just experimenting, if it is a problem Pm me and I will fix, TY

Holy crap that is green. It’s fine (the color) just a little shocking, hehe. The reason that I don’t use the windows media player is that it only slows down the video to half speed and you need more than that to see fine detail, but glad someone else thought of doing the download thing as well.

Can I use it on my Android? I’ve been looking for a good downloader.

I don’t know…I wouldn’t think so. I don’t use phones for that kind of purpose, I use my computer.

I can recommend TubeX for Android, it is faster than my computer(I don’t know why)

hey guys, have any recommendations for iMac? or iPhone? … iMac specifically … osX

I can recommend VLC, a lot of online video games I play people record themselves playing, and some of the recorders spit out funky formats, and VLC had no problem playin any of it.

Thanks dude. lol. I’ve used VLC before. Gonna see if this works out.

The link that I give is for the vlc media player, that is the one I said to use in my first post.