Infinity Gaunlet

(Mark) #1

I am trying to learn Infinity Gauntlet by Boyd Seth because it looks like a fun trick. I was wondering if anyone has a tutorial.

I found a video with it but it’s not a tutorial and is hard to figure out.


Omg that trick does look fun… i wanna learn it to!

(Zach Smith) #3

I asked if anyone had a tut for his awhile back and no one had anything. I hope you have better luck cause I wanna learn this too.

(Mark) #4

Yeah… I’m trying to slow down the video to try to learn it. But I don’t have any “slowing down” software.


Tell me what software can slow down video and ill do it


you need to download the vid off youtube . then open the file with vlc player go to the play back tab there will be a slower tab . click that and it will slow the vid down … if it dont slow it down enough let me know and i will find some other program for you if you like
hope that helps


do you know if vlc player is free or do i need to get the cracked version?

Sublime FTW


vlc is free
thats where i got mine from the other day after i formatted my computer


if theres a better one that cost money i could get i for ya


It needs to be much slower

(Eleazar) #11

Waht yoyo is he using? It looks like a 5star.


yoyo player i have dropped you a pm


Guys i slowed down the video but i cant post it on youtube cuz its a veg file help me! Plus the trick doesnt seem at all that complicated.


its a nickel plated m1


ok i have the whole beginning of this trick except for the infinity rolls were he can roll it and it doesnt wrap around his finger how does he do it!

(Chris Allen) #16

Give me a few days guys, and I’ll hook ya’ll up

(Zach Smith) #17

Oh thank you! I’ve been jonesing for this trick!

(Mark) #18

Thanks so much Chris!!! I have been trying to teach myself it but it never ends well.


Can’t wait Doc :]


wait can you do it already?