3d rocket/space shuttle

break it down please? it goes a bit too fast for me to get it. im such a nub :slight_smile:

what is it that you use for a media player? I have a cpl different ones that I use and 2 of them are good for break downs. one is VLC and the other is Media Player Classic, Both you can slow the video down. You can slow it down enough to where it looks like their barely moving. Maybe you should Download one of these players so you don’t have to ask or depend on someone else to make the tutorial or explain it to you. you can just slow it down and practice it in sections, learn the 1st half of the trick then the 2nd half of the trick. give it a try, you might like it and who knows maybe you can even learn the tricks you haven’t seen any tutorials for. Whats it gonna hurt, besides learning how to use another media player and learning how to slow a video down, plus you might learn that next trick =)