Does anyone know the trick Hoppin' Clouds?

I really need help with it, can people give me tips for it?

a lot of practice

I’ve been doing this trick for a week now it’s like easy(i cant do the last part yet) ;D

Do You Have Media Player that you can slow the video down a little to see where and how you place your hands and fingers, I like VLC Media Player and Windows Media Classic. They work great, especially when the Player tends to move fast through the steps. Some of the Tutorials out there, the player needs to slow down and remember that He/She is Teaching the Trick, that way some people who learn slow can have a chance to Understand and Learn the Strings. Because I know that when I first started to learn some of the more advanced Tricks, I get very intimidated do to the Speed of the Player or the Views or Vid Quality. But if you stick to the good tutorial sites and vids with a good media player w/slow motion options on it you will learn them alot easier and quicker. I’m gonna try to learn this one and get back to on it. Get that Media player with Slow motion on it and Practice, Practice, Practice

Have you tried looking for a Highspeed video of it on YouTube?