My Technique For Learning Tricks.. (annotations added)

Annotative Directions Added To The Video!!

Just thought I’d share how I learn tricks that there aren’t tutorials for…

Sorry for the crappy frame rate and quality. It’s the best I could do. 
It’ll look HD and smooth if you were to do it.

Being able to loop random parts of videos and/or slow them down is amazing in my opinion, learned some cool tricks I probably wouldn’t have the patience to otherwise… i.e. rewinding a 1 second segment over and over trying to figure it out what exactly happened coupled in real time?

I like doing this with fullscreen videos so I can stand and try the trick while watching it loop over and over. :smiley:

1.  Copy link of YouTube Video containing Trick
2.  Paste link into
3.  Download Video
4.  Open Video with VLC PLayer.
5.  Create a basic loop
6.  Adjust Playback for Slo-Mo

I also make looping gif’s of tricks in real-time/slow-mo… was thinking about making another thread with a bunch of slow-mo banger gifs from various videos

That was very interesting. I’d like to try that, but I couldn’t really follow what you were doing in the video, it was a bit fast. Do you think you’d be able to add some slower step by step instruction? Something like…

  1. Go to youtube
  2. Go to video

If you could that would be great.

Wow I use windows mm and it takes a while, what site is that?

I added Annotations to the video to make it more clear.  sorry about that, made this right before bed

Thank you! to download the videos
VLC Player for playback

That was awesome! Thanks for the tutorial tutorial =D
It should have started with
Step 1: Listen to Chief Keef.

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Thanks for this bro! I had no clue that VLC had a looping feature. I used this method last night to smooth out one of the tricks I am working on.

I’ve learned the first quarter of that Janos video using this method… :smiley:

That’s a cool tip.

You can also loop videos directly in Youtube in Firefox using the Greasemonkey extension and the user script Youtube_Better_Loopy. I think Chrome is also supported, but I haven’t tried it. I still need to find a way to slow the video in the browser without having to hold down the spacebar, which is no good when you’re trying to throw and watch a video at the same time.

Thanks for the tip man!

I do this technique, and hook up to the big screen with HDMI… so I have almost a almost life size version of the trick right infront of me, looping, in slow mo… nothing better.

Also makes learning from tutorials super easy.

Another cool trick you can do in VLC is flip the video horizontally (mirror image). That way, for example, if you’re a righty and you’re watching another righty on a video, you can mirror the video so the thrower appears to be a lefty. As you’re throwing and watching a video, it looks like you’re looking in a mirror. It’s easier for me to follow videos that way because I don’t have to translate left/right movement in my head.

In VLC, go so View>Status bar, then on the Status bar, click Show extended settings. Then go to the Video Effects tab and click Transform>Flip horizontally.

OMG, you’re the man!!!

Lol!! I know exactly what you mean… translating the movements can sometimes wrack your brain!

Thanks for that tip! Def. using that one

You’re welcome, enjoy!

One last tip: You can download videos in Firefox directly from Youtube or any other page with the Flash Video Downloader extension. There’s probably something similar for Chrome.

HACKER! Lol just kiddin’, Thanks man! this is extremly helpful! When I get my Surface Pro(Graduation gift) Im gonna do this!