Yoyo Upgrade

So i bought a sage yoyo and a centertrac unresponsive bearing a while ago and i was looking to upgrade to a better yoyo but i dont know what to pick whether i should just look for a better plastic one or maybe get a metal one and i was just wondering what you guys think

What is your buget?

Anything under like 70-ish a little more would be fine i just dont want to pay like 120 dollars for a yoyo just yet

One drop-rally
and of coarse there’s the shutter, I just prefer the horizon over the shutter.
All of these are in your budget and all of them are great.

From lowest to highest:
Yoyofficer Kilter
Yoyofficer Lava
onedrop rally
yoyofactory shutter
Onedrop benchmark H
werrd 86400
yoyofactory shu-ta

Pick whatever looks best to you since they’re all awesome

All right lots of thanks guys!

I decided ill probablly get the horizon i was just wondering if theres any parts that i need to make it better

Sparhawk is kilter really that good cause i could buy one werrd 86400 or 2 kilters

Good choice! The Horizon is a brilliant yoyo, I’m really getting the hang of fingerspins on it now.

You shouldn’t need anything else, as long as you have enough string you should be ready to go. :slight_smile:

The horizon is a good choice. It will definitely be good for a first metal throw and for progressing. And like said above, all you’ll really need is just string and you’ll be good to go. Kitty string is a great choice and is really great for the quality and price.

Keep us updated when you get the throw and post some pics and some thoughts on what you think about it!