What yoyo should I get next


I’m looking for a cheap(er) metal unresponsive yoyo, currently using a terrarian yoyo and used to use a sage yoyo, currently have a skyva coming in the mail. Any ideas on what I should get next?


Also if you could recommend a type of string/ bearing that would help a lot too! Not really settled on any yoyo yet so just give me the basic play style and that’s good


Maybe try something organic. I’ll always recommend the Recess First Base. Specifically though, do you have a price range and any kind of preference? Brand, shape, weight?

And far as bearings I always just use YYF Center Trac. I bought some Something string recently and I really like them, so I would recommend them. But the easy recommendation is Kitty string. Basically, it’s hard to go wrong and even if you get something you don’t like, chances are that someone else will want it. Which is to say, you’ll probably be able to trade or sell it. This probably doesn’t help, but I hope it does


I always recommend the horizon for cheaper metals.

If you are interested, I could do a bgrade turntable or GM2 with either a d10 or czechpoint for $50.

For string I personally like string theory by Big Bang bandalores! :slight_smile: Otherwise I would say kitty string nylon 1.5.


Thanks for the help! I was looking at getting the horizon for eight months now and it always seemed like a good yoyo, I just wasn’t sure of it because there always seemed to be a yoyo that was just a little bit better. But currently my terrarian is not as good as it used to be (I was disappointed because I spent $140 on it) and my sage that I mentioned got stolen (that was never a good yoyo anyways) so I am looking for a yoyo that I could get asap and the horizon seems perfect! Thanks for the help!


What do you mean you spent $140 on a terrarian? There like $70 new.


I got it with a lunatic cultist paint which was $85 at the time and I also put in a different bearing and I had to get response pads and that doesn’t even include the string


Get the Spin Dynamics Alter Ego. It is on sale for $65. It was originally $120. Pick it up, you will not be disappointed.