Looking for recommendation (beginner/intermediate)


Ok, was thinking about buying the DV888 and Yeti 2.0, but before jumping in I wanted to see any other recommendations from you all. We’re familiar (son and I) with the standard? responsive yoyo, and debating going to the next level with the unresponsive:

Do you know how to bind the yoyo? No (but very eager to learn)

-Do you have a yoyo that you own or played with that you have liked very much? Normal one, no bearings, responsive.

-Do you have a preferred shape of the yoyo? I like the wide yoyo style (sorry) that have a big catch.

Simliar to : DV888, Yeti 2.0

-Do you have a preferred weight or weight distribution? Nope.

-Do you have a price range? $50 or less

-Do you have a certain amount of yoyos narrowed down?

Yeti 2.0

-Do you prefer a certain brand? No

-Are you looking for a yoyo that specializes a style? Like looping, off string, freehand, etc. No

-Do you prefer a certain response syetem? No

-Do you want hubsstacks or z stacks? Dunno what this is.

-What trick are you currently working on? none

-Do you want a yoyo to Thumb grind or arm grind good? Eventually


Get either a horizon or a shutter. They r both good yoyos and they were my first metal. If you want a plastic I would either recommend the diffusion or the skyva


I would recommend the horizon hands down! Though it is a little bigger than others so maybe not the best if your son is really young.

I would personally go for a metal and skip plastics if your budget is $50.

Edit: you said you don’t know what hubstacks are. Basically the are extra bearings with plastic around them that go on the inside of the cup of the yoyo so that you can grab them while your yoyo is spinning. Really not something to get worried about :wink:


Wow, thanks for the quick reply…ok, will check out the Horizon. My son is 14…ok, will skip the plastic ones…thanks for the information. :slight_smile:


Sorry, but what type of string do you recommend…cotton, poly, blend? as this is an unresponsive yoyo is one type better than another?


kitty string

(InvaderDust) #7

Never cotton, they break! For wood and some fixed axles they are ok, but i never recommend them for metals.

Nylon is stiffer, courser, lasts for ever. Fast in the air good for whips and low energy long travel slacks. Slick and smooth in the air and skin. Resists tight knots. String burn chances are reduced alot. Tends to be a love it or hate it type thing. I love them, personally.

Poly and blends are generally softer, burns out faster but rarely breaks unless theres a problem with the yoyo itself (area near response pad too rough from too aggressive a blast job can eat strings but not common). These are fuzzier, slower in the air, and will burn you easier if not careful. Tight knots are possible and may be difficult to get out if you didnt know you got a knot and threw it hard again, for instance. Tends to lose color quickly.

I would say get a several kinds/brands/types/thicknesses. Get a 5 pack of each for example and get a good spread. Youll know what you like once you have spent a short time with them.

Fatter strings are easier to learn to bind with, thinner ones can change the way it plays with tighter binds less thud at the end of the string, but takes a slight change in how the bind is done vs how redily a fat string will want to bind, a thinner one may need a little coaxing but when it grabs, its tight.

This is something that just comes with time and having a decent basis of comparison to learn the sliding scale of what does what a little better than something else, but at the expense of something else. Fat vs thin strings are a good example but so is Nylon vs Poly.

Some people dont care what string is on it, other wont play without their preffered one. For every “Kitty!” you hear someone else feels the opposite. At the beginning it doesnt matter, they all do the same thing, but you can also get spoiled by some fancy boutique strings (Cloud strings for example are pricey, but amazing. Lasts for-ever. Talking 100 hours or so) while kitty are cheap and burn out rapidly however Kitty is very easy to get, huge selection of colors, is dirt cheap, and has a ton of varieties to choose from. But i can wear out a kitty string in a single session (couple hours). Sure a 100 pack is dirt cheap, but having to change strings often if your a heavy player isnt great.

So yea, i got spoiled on some of the nicer strings on the market. But that journey is only part of the path of yoyo. Its exciting! Its personal and rewarding to find “your” string.

At least thats my advise :slight_smile:


I started out with the Recess First Base. Out of the box, it is responsive but it also comes with an unresponsive bearing. Then I decided to try out a metal yo-yo and I bought a Shutter. I’m very happy with both yo-yos and I play with the Shutter indoors and when I want to have a yo-yo on me, I bring the plastic Recess First Base (I would much rather ding it than my more expensive yo-yo :)). As for string, I like 100% polyester because it is more durable than cotton. I change the string on my yo-yo once a week.

First Base- https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/products/recess-first-base-yoyo?variant=24983027272

Shutter (Contest Pack)- https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/products/yyf-shutter-contest-pack?variant=27561109192

String- https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/products/25-pack-100-polyester-yoyoexpert-string?variant=18871036612


I would go with kitty nylon 1.5. To me it’s the best of all of their string. It lasts a bit longer and to me it feels nicer than their others :slight_smile:


Ok, ordered a few trial packs of the Kitty FAT and “accidently” ordered some cotton YYE string (didn’t know they had a tendency to break from a poster above - TY!) but requested to replace with another pack of the Kitty FAT. Is the 1.5 string easier to use?